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Health Insurance for Individuals

How to get health insurance for self insured individuals


Most of us think of health insurance as something you get through your employer, but times are changing. The way to get health insurance for individuals is changing too. Many Americans are self employed as owners of their own business, or work from home for other small business owners. Get the facts about health insurance for individuals who are self employed. Surprisingly, individual or family medical insurance coverage is very affordable. Everybody is looking for the cheapest health insurance these days. So, there are several things you should know before you get set up with your own individual health insurance.

If you happen to be happily self-employed, say, as a successful freelance musician or writer, you are probably grateful you don't have to rush off to work at eight in the morning in pressed suits when it's raining and snowing at the same time. But there is one area at least where those poor folks have it better off than you - finding good affordable health insurance. They get health insurance with their employers; you have to go down the treacherous waters of health insurance for individuals.

If you live at a place where Blue Shield Blue Cross operates as a major player, you could be in for a pretty nasty time getting any coverage at all. In New York, health insurance can cost the highest in the whole country, and has seen prices climb about 10% every year. If you check for the rates they have on policies in health insurance for individuals though, you'd be shocked; they'll easily raise those prices 30% to 50% this year. And what is worse, lots of private clinics are so sick of dealing with the insurance companies, so they just flat out refuse insurance anymore. So private pay policies at the doctor offices are posted so you know they do not process health insurance for individuals through carriers. And with these big carriers, there probably isn't anything like the good old cheap medical insurance available anymore.

Imagine that you are a successful musician or writer, and you wish to go out there and find group insurance for your family in Florida. Well, in Florida, a family of four looking for family medical insurance could possibly be four groups by the way their definitions work. It's just that when you happen to be self-employed, you're not quite sure which category you are placed in - the individual one, or the group one, or which works out better for you. Health insurance for individuals will usually require screening for health issues, and if you have no problems, they will give you an excellent rate, and even family medical insurance as well. If you want to apply as part of a group, you don't have to take the risk of getting the screening, and having your rates bumped up. But you do miss out on the discount for good health.

So what is the best way to go about finding the best health insurance for individuals? The suggestion that is about to follow may not sound that great to you, but if you happen to have a certain amount of free time, getting a part-time job might be just the thing for you. Even working part-time at Starbucks, or at major bookstores like Barnes & Noble, perhaps five hours a day, will give you great all-covered healthcare. And no one is going to screen you before they offer you coverage. But if you do have enough money to afford a proper health plan of your own, try signing up to a professional organization. If you are a writer for example, you could sign up to the freelancers' union; if you are an actor, the actors' guild would help too. If yours is a genuine professional organization, you'll probably get really cheap medical insurance, or even free health insurance just by working a certain amount at your profession each year. Shop around and compare prices for the individual health plans out there.

Health insurance for individuals is such a poorly thought-out system in this country, no one would have any part of it if they could possibly help it. The trick to getting personal insurance then is prevent getting sick as much as possible so you avoid pre-existing conditions. Go online for buying health insurance to get the cheapest health insurance quotes. Pick the one that works the best for your budget. Just remember, the cheapest health insurance isn't always the best medical insurance plans.